From one continent to another, from one country to another, in Europe and beyond, the voluntary termination of a pregnancy varies considerably. .

It wavers in some places and struggles to exist in others. Furthermore, far too often, it still has to occur illegally because of criminalization and shame imposed on women. .

Every day, many global organizations and institutions, from the UN to the WHO, including the Council of Europe and the European Parliament, continue to hammer the human and democratic stakes represented by the women’s right to control their own bodies. .

However, in Belgium alone, abortion is still included in the Criminal Code as a “crime against family order and public morality”. .

From Poland to Ireland, from Democratic Republic of Congo to Haiti, where do we stand? How can we act and make ourselves heard in order to defend and protect with strength and confidence women’s sexual and reproductive rights? .

In the face of continuing and shameless attacks against the right and access to abortion, we will not stay quiet! .

On the 21st and 22nd June 2018, under the leadership of Rudy Demotte, Minister-President, and Isabelle Simonis, Minister of Women’s rights, of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, representatives of the political world and civil society, experts and witnesses from all over the world will walk the talk during an international forum in the heart of Brussels, capital of Europe. .

You can pick between a special evening based on activism or a day of meeting and awareness, and join us to make your voice heard!


Find the full program for 21st 22nd June


« Abortion. A fundamental right for women »