Declaration of Brussels

“Abortion: a fundamental right for women”

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Members of democratically-elected governments and parliaments,

Members of civil society,

We the citizens,

Reaffirm that freedom from forced motherhood is a fundamental human right;

Reaffirm a woman’s right to choose and to decide whether or not to pursue a pregnancy.

Within this framework, in the course of carrying out our respective roles we commit to:

  • Call for abortion to fall within the remit of healthcare, in all countries of the world;
  • Call for abortion to cease being considered a crime or an offence and for it to be removed from the penal or criminal code, in those states where this remains the case;
  • Call for abortion to be considered a health right, covered by social security or, if necessary, by a medical assistance programme for women without social security;
  • Call for conscience clauses specifically pertaining to abortion to be removed from legislation, this provision being already granted on an individual basis for all medical procedures;
  • Demand that the imposition of any constraints on access to relevant information about abortion be punished;
  • Demand the implementation of education programmes about emotional and sexual relationships from a young age;
  • Reject any steps being taken towards granting a foetus legal personhood;
  • Call for all means to be put in place to inform women and men of their rights in relation to reproductive and sexual health, including the right to an abortion.